Last Chance for Residential Energy Tax Credit!

Bio Flame SekThe federal government’s Residential Energy Tax Credit is set to expire at the end of 2010, which is only a month away!  Why should you care?  If you buy a product that qualifies for this credit, the government will give you 30% off the purchase price, up to 1,500 bucks! features a great selection of products that qualify for this massive savings.  Here is the complete list of brands below, check them out!

EcoSmart Fireplaces – These stylish centerpieces have won numerous design awards for their minimal elegance and revolutionary technology.  They burn clean, denatured ethanol, a renewable biofuel.

Bio Flame Fireplaces – Bio Flame features a striking composition of steel and flame.  Many of these modern fireplaces are wall-mounted, giving you even more installation options.  These works of art also burn ethanol, which produces no smoke or soot.

Ecoteck Pellet Stoves – Just a few days ago, we went live with these gorgeous pellet stoves.  They are the absolute top of the line in pellet stove design and technology, and have a ton of features that ape the competition.

FastFireplaces also features a number of other pellet stoves that qualify for this credit, so check them out too.  But hurry!  Your opportunity for a huge savings on these items is slipping away!

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