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Fall is here, and that means football, fall foliage, and cold weather.  With a little planning right now, you can have the perfect fireplace to cozy up to on a cold winter night.

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A vented gas fireplace is not only attractive to look at, but it is also much safer and more efficient than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. As the name implies, a vented gas fireplace is a gas log fireplace that requires some type of ventilation to function, be it a chimney or other outer wall system. If your home does not have an existing chimney, you may want to consider other gas fireplace options, such as ventless gas logs or gel-fueled fireplaces. Vented gas fireplaces require a functioning chimney with the damper fully opened, in order to circulate the air for combustion and provide an outlet for low-burning soot.

Now, with that being said, the benefits of a Vented Gas Fireplace are quite advantageous. Here are just a few:

Lower Burn Temperature – Vented gas log fireplace sets have a very low burn temperature. In comparison, modern ventless gas log kits requires a very high burn temperature in order to avoid any emissions, such as carbon monoxide buildup. This is why the flames look so blue with a ventless fireplace. Since the burn temperature can be lower in a vented gas fireplace, the flames will be more similar in color and appearance to a traditional wood-burning flame. This added touch of realism is just what most people are looking for out of their gas fireplaces.

Safety - Vented gas fireplace are extremely safe. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, vented gas sets carry no risk of ember sparks or chimney fires. Plus modern natural gas and propane-powered fireplaces use valves to control the amount of gas flow. These valves are called Safety Control Pilots, and they regulate your fireplace by shutting off the gas once the pilot light is out. That way there are no unsafe gas build-ups. Ventless fireplaces have a carbon monoxide sensor that shuts the flames off in similar situations, but these are frequently electrically powered and can sometimes malfunction in the case of a power outage. This is why vented gas systems are preferred in houses that already have existing fireplaces.

Efficiency – Because vented gas fireplaces can burn at lower temperatures, they require less gas in order to function. Modern vented and ventless gas fireplace sets are very fuel-efficient, but a vented gas log kit does not require nearly as much fuel to burn. This means lower gas bills and more money in your pocket.

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Don’t know anything about gas fireplaces?

Don’t worry, with the ease of today’s gas log fireplace sets, you won’t have to. With many units, you just have to install it into your fireplace and plug into your fuel source and you’ll be set to enjoy. Natural gas fireplaces fit today’s lifestyles with the ease of convenience, safety and comfort. Here are just a few features that gas log fireplaces can offer:

* Natural gas fireplaces enhance the appearance and marketability(!) of any home.
* Natural gas units reduce the amount of pollutants and particles emitted into the air by up to 99%.
* Instant ON/OFF operation. Flip a switch or touch a remote control.
* Continuous fuel supply (versus the limited source of propane applications).
* No wood to chop or logs to haul.
* No soot, no ashes, no messy clean-up. No creosote buildup in your chimney, no chimney fires.
* No sparks that could burn holes in your carpet…or worse.
* Using natural gas logs or fireplaces can cost as little as 25% of the cost of burning wood.
* Most operate independently of electric power, providing an auxiliary home heating source during power outages.

Simple Controls:

Many of the same control options are available for operating gas logs as for gas fireplaces and inserts. Choices range from the basic manual gas valve to modern igniter safety systems that require neither matches nor electricity. Some gas log models offer wall switches or remote controls that allow ON/OFF operation.

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