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    Regular Price: $332.86

    Special Price: $294.05

    FMI Thermal/Rheostat Blower Kit with Magnetic Attachment can be used with Circulating Wood Burning, B-Vent, Direct Vent Model Fireplaces and Vent Free Circulating Fireboxes, Comfort Glow, Comfort Flame, Desa, Design Dynamics, FMI, Vanguard, Vantage Hearth. This blower fan is thermostatically controlled to increase air flow allowing for better heat distribution. The unit automatically powers up and down to reach the desired temperature. Blower comes with a magnetic attachment and "squirrel cage" design. Maximize the efficiency of your FMI fireplace and circulate warm air through your home with a blower kit. FMI Thermal/Rheostat Blower Kit with Magnetic Attachment Features: * Thermostatically controlled Blower Fan with variable speeds * Blower Assembly with Speed Control and 6 foot Cord * Wire assembly, control knob, and lock nut
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    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price: $209.00

    BLOWER FOR BRECKENRIDGE FIREPLACE - Circulate the warmed air throughtout the room with a Single-Speed Automatic Blower pulling less than 1 AMP. ON/OFF and Variable Speed Control.
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    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price: $296.10

    The BLOTMC fan kit is designed to fit a number of fireplaces, including models from Monessen, Vermont Castings and Majestic. The blower kit includes all of the components you'll need to successfully install a blower into your fireplace for the first time. The BLOTMC kit is designed using a thermostatic on/off switch, which will automatically turn the blower on and off at set temperatures. Because of this feature, the BLOTMC kit can be used with or without a designated wall switch that controls the electrical outlet below your fireplace. Additionally, there are two blower size options available. The standard sized BLOT blower is 15", which fits a majority of the fireplaces that use the BLOT kit. However, if space is limited, we do offer a reduced length 12.5" blower. Before choosing the larger 15" blower option, please be sure that your fireplace has room to accommodate the larger blower. A fireplace blower kit is an efficient and affordable way for you to finally take advantage of your fireplace's wasted heat energy. A properly installed blower kit will last for years and provide your home with energy saving heat.
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    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price: $220.50

    Includes Heat Shield Bracket Wall Mounted Single Speed Control Cord Set with 3-prong Power Cord - 36 Inch Installation Instructions 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty Dimensions: 12.94 W x 3.6 H x 4.27 D Motor is equipped with Thermal Safety Switch CFM Rating of 135 Anti-Vibration Impellers and Vortex Regulation Tabs to provide a steady Airflow Increases Heating Potential of your gas fireplace by circulating warm air into the room
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    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price: $233.10

    Blower Fan Kit insert to circulate air around the firebox and enhance heat output. This complete fireplace blower kit offers a low cost solution to push heat created by the fireplace into your living space. Key Features Includes rheostat and temperature sensor Motor is equipped with thermal safety switch Anti-vibration impellers Blower Variable speed control Thermodisc - Automatically turns blower on at 120F and turns blower off at 90F Mounting brackets Cord set with 3-prong power cord Hardware & mounts - (Easy to install plus reduces Vibration) 3-Prong to 2-prong adapter GFK-160A Specifications AMPS: 1.24 Bearing Construction Type: Ball Bearings Blower Wheel: 4"W x 3"Dia CFM: 165 Depth: 4-1/2 Height: 4-1/2 HZ: 60 Rotation: CCW RPM: 3000 (1/2400 with load) Volts: 115 Weight: 6.3 Width: 12-4/5
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    Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price: $289.00

    Napoleon GZ550-1KT Blower Kit with variable speed and thermostatic control
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    Regular Price: $365.00

    Special Price: $233.10

    Sometimes in order to really help make sure that your fireplace is capable of performing at peak efficiency all the time, you need to install the tools that are capable of really bringing out the best in your fireplaces performance. The FK12 Fireplace Blower is capable of doing just that, by providing your hearth with all of the necessary air to not only get it to function, but also to work in a way that will simply blow you away. Features Enhances fireplace efficiency and heat distribution Powerful 160 cfm fan Includes cord Compatible with the following Monessen appliances: 36" Tribute Clean Face Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces 33" and 36" CDV Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces 33", 36", and 42" BVD Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces 33" and 36" HBDV Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces 36" and 42" Royalton Wood-Burning Fireplaces 36" and 42" Sovereign Wood-Burning Fireplaces

7 Item(s)

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