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Best Fireplaces


So your quest for the best fireplace led you here, and you will not be disappointed. A fireplace is the focal point of home, the place where you hope to connect with family and friends and create lasting memories. Choosing the best fireplace is important.

Here at, we offer the very best fireplaces on the market from high quality manufacturers like Monessen, Empire, Bio Flame and more. Let us tell you a bit about what makes each of these leading manufacturers so special.



A clear leader in the hearth industry, Monessen began as a manufacturer of gas logs and now offers a full line of hearth products. Each of Monessen's vent-free fireplaces feature the company's own line of gas logs, creating such a realistic ambiance that you may fool yourself into thinking you'll have to empty the ashes later!

Behind the beauty of Monessen's wide selection of fireplace styles, is the company's commitment to offering quality, reliable heat sources that can help lower your overall heating costs. Committed to being environmentally conscious, their products meet stringent environmental standards for efficiency.


Empire Comfort Systems

Empire Comfort Systems are masters of disguise. Their line of vent-free fireboxes come with design features that allow you to put together a system that will look like a site-built masonry fireplace. Such features include no lower louvers, which allows the unit to be installed at floor level, and realistic brick liners. The the company's wide range of decorative accessories will help you create a fireplace that blends perfectly with your home decor.


Eco Smart Fire

This is where modern design, function, quality and environmental consciousness meet. Eco Smart Fire offers a line of high-tech, environmentally-friendly fireplaces that run on highly refined ethanol. These units can be installed nearly anywhere without the encumbrances of venting systems, chimneys, or flues. Their line of modern fireplaces enable you to create the drama of a live flame in any room in the house.


Modern Flames

Modern Flames offers innovative electric heaters of exceptional quality. A front runner in the electric fireplace industry, Modern Flames made history when it developed the first electric fireplace with a realistic "wood burning" flame effect. Beyond Modern Flames leading electric flame technology, the company's fireplaces and stoves are 100% efficient, converting all of the energy supplied to the unit into heat to help you immediately add warmth to your home.



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