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Eco-Friendly Fireplace Information

Looking to live a greener life? Now even your fireplace can be eco-friendly. Traditional fireplaces burn either wood or gas, but today there are options that are better for the environment. Wood logs are renewable, yes, but reforestation can take decades. Natural gas and propane are not renewable resources, and must be mined from the earth using invasive processes. Newer biofuels have been developed for hearth appliances that are 100% renewable and are produced using environmentally conscious processes.

Here on, you'll find many eco-friendly fireplace options that work together with the cleaner, biofuel options available in today's market.

Denatured Ethanol Fireplaces

Denatured ethanol is a 100% renewable biofuel made from corn and other biomass materials. This is an even cleaner version of the ethanol that is added to the fuel in your gas tank. Denatured ethanol burns clean, producing only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. No soot, ash, or residue to worry about in your burner pan. This is a readily available fuel source that can be purchased everywhere. Below is the EcoSmart Zeta Fireplace, which runs on denatured ethanol.

The EcoSmart Zeta Fireplace

Pellet Fuel Fireplaces

Pellet fuel is a source of renewable energy: small pellets are made by compressing wood waste (sawdust) from other manufacturing processes. By using pellets, you will be recycling a product normally bound for the landfill and burning a fuel that is more efficient than cord wood. No adhesives are used in the manufacture of wood pellets - a substance that naturally occurs in wood called lignite holds the pellets together. Below is the Ecoteck Elena Pellet Stove, which burns compressed wood pellets.

The Ecoteck Elena Pellet Stove

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