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Gas Log Installation FAQ

Gas log installation should only be done by a certified professional. Homeowners should never install their own gas logs unless they have the tools and training to do so. On the other hand, even if you're not installing your own gas logs, that doesn’t mean you can’t be an informed consumer. Here are some frequently asked questions about gas log installation:

Who Should I Call to Install my Gas Logs?

You will need to have your chimney inspected and cleaned before your gas logs are installed, and a chimney sweep is the best person to do this. Since most chimney sweeps are also certified to install gas logs, it will be easiest for you to call a chimney sweep to do both jobs at once. Here are two good resources for finding a chimney sweep in your area:

National Chimney Sweep Guild
Chimney Safety Institute of America

If there is no chimney sweep in your area, many plumbers and HVAC professionals are qualified to install gas logs. A good place to find these professionals is Angie’s List. You can also simply type in "plumber" or "HVAC" into Google, then look at the local results that pop up next to the map.

How Much will Installation Cost?

Generally, full installation of your gas logs should cost between $200 and $350. This amount could be more if you need a gas line installed, or any existing parts replaced. This amount does not include the cost of obtaining an installation permit, which is discussed below.

Do I Need an Installation Permit?

In most jurisdictions, the installation of gas logs requires an inspection by a city inspector, even when the gas line has already been installed in your fireplace. In most cases, the cost of this inspection is under $100. Only a certified professional or the homeowner can obtain an installation permit, but if your installer asks that you obtain the permit yourself, that’s a red flag. The installer should always be the one to contact the city about an installation permit.

How Long will the Installation Take?

Most gas log installations will take three days. On the first day, the gas line and log set are installed, and a pressure test is done on the gas line. On the second day, an inspector will come out to check the installation and pressure test. Then on the third day, the installer comes back out to connect the burner to the gas line and instruct you about use and maintenance of your gas logs. If you already have a gas line installed in your fireplace, then installation will usually take two days.

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