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Gas Log Reviews


Below are gas log reviews for some of our top-selling sets, written by the pros at


RH Peterson - Real Fyre


R H Peterson has been a leader in gas logs for more than 50 years.  They offer the largest selection of gas log sets and superior look and design.  The specialize in Vented Gas Log Sets.  They offer 2 vented burners, the G46 and G45.  Both are very similar, but the G46 is more narrow in the back and is designed to fit in smaller fireboxes and hides the controls a little more.  RH Peterson's Vented log sets are well designed and have high definition bark and natural colors for an authentic wood look.  They offer manual pilots, remote options and an electronic (on/off) ignition.


Empire Comfort Systems- White Mountain Hearth


Empire Comfort Systems excls in the Vent Free Gas Log Set category.  Their Vent Free burner technology exceeds all other manufactures.  They have created a more realistic flame by placing small ceramic beads in the burner tubes to help the flame dance and create a more reastic look.  They also offer the best Electronic Ignition remote in the industry.  Their Intermittent Pilot offers a remote control that is on/off, variable flame and thermostat control.  They offer 8 different log sets with the Slope Glaze Burner and every one has great detail and a realistic look.  Empire also offers the best "bang for your buck" log set in the Flint Hill.  This log set is also available for small rooms with only 10,000 BTUs




Hargrove is an up and coming company that has taken huge steps in the Radient Heat technology.  The have created a radient heat riser that helps project the heat into the room and increses heat efficiency.  They offer multiple ignition types and their signature System 4 Burner.  Hargrove's log sets have a rustic look to them that gives you the feeling you are using real wood.




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